Summertime Home Repairs And Improvments

Summertime is a great time to get outdoor projects done, when you’re not shoveling snow, and it’s not 20 degrees outside. What are some of the outdoor summer jobs worth getting done around the house?

Home-Repair-To-Do-List-PhotoFirst, consider cleaning out the gutters. Lots of leaves, pollen, and other junk accumulates in gutters, and if they’re not cleaned out on a somewhat regular basis—at least once a year— they won’t function as intended. Better yet, have gutter guards professionally installed, to avoid having to clean gutters in the future.

Next, if you have a concrete driveway, patio or path, summertime is the right time to get cracks fixed. With all the freezing and melting during cold and icy winter months, many Western New Yorkers have cracked concrete that could use fixing this time of year.

Ivy Lea Construction of Buffalo offers a variety of stamped concrete to enhance the look of your walkways, driveways and outdoor sitting spaces. These days, stamped concrete has the ability to look and feel like natural stone, brick, slate or wood. With many options to choose from, your cracked or ordinary concrete can be fixed and/or replaced this summer.

If you like to sit outside, it’s a good time to clean and seal your deck. If you don’t have a deck, porch, or patio, maybe it’s time you had one installed—you need a place to relax outside! No one wants to get rained on, so a covered area that allows you to sit outside and do a crossword puzzle or cook some hot dogs on the grill is a nice thing to have.

If you’re feeling especially adventurous this year, consider installing an outdoor fireplace, which makes for a great place to gather friends and family on nice summer nights.