Exterior Services

For many years, Ivy Lea Construction has helped homeowners throughout Western New York improve the curb appeal of their property with our exterior home remodeling services.
Ivy Lea Construction provides porch constructions and renovations, siding services and concrete services, such as the installation of new concrete driveways, walkways, patios and pathways. As well, we provide new door installations, window replacement and garage builds, ensuring you have all you need on the exterior of your home.

Exterior home remodeling is a wonderful long-term investment. As the old adage goes, “a first impression leaves a lasting impression,” and a nice exterior will impress your guests and help you if, or when, you choose to put your home on the market. After all, most buyers know right away whether they are interested in a home or not. Having a visually pleasing exterior is sure to help.

If you are looking for exterior home remodeling services Buffalo, then Ivy Lea Construction is the place to turn. Our company is renowned for our high-quality work and service, and we welcome you to look at our gallery page to see examples of the different projects we have completed.