3 Reasons To Add Custom Cabinetry To Your Bathroom

3 Reasons To Add Custom Cabinetry To Your Bathroom

Do you ever get irritated by a lack of storage space in your bathroom?  If so, you are not alone.  Most homeowners wish they had more storage space for towels, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and more.  Fortunately, there is a solution: custom cabinetry for your bathroom. There are many advantages to building custom cabinetry in… Read more »

Why Are Granite Countertops So Popular?

Granite Countertops

One of the major developments in “kitchen style” during the past decade is the popularity of granite countertops. New builds typically have them, and older homes are catching up as homeowners looking to update their kitchens are enjoying the many benefits of appealing, new granite countertops. One of the reasons granite countertops are so popular… Read more »

The Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

The Benefits Of A Concrete Driveway

Many of us are already seeing potholes in our roads, parking lots, and driveways. It’s just one of the many side effects of a typical Buffalo winter. With snow, ice, wind and salt in the wintry mix, driveways especially can get cracks, potholes, and other damages. While many Western New Yorkers have asphalt driveways, concrete offers… Read more »

How to Keep Your Home Warm Without Breaking the Bank

Woman Looking At Home Thermostat

The cold weather brings blustering winds and high energy bills. Heating your home during the Buffalo winters can take a serious toll on your wallet. Plus, with prices rising everywhere, utilities will naturally be affected. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. By taking a few extra steps, you can keep your home warm… Read more »

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shower for Your Bathroom

Shower And Tub In Bathroom

The shower is one of the most important parts of your bathroom remodel. After all, a bad shower can dry out your skin, lead to slips and falls, and cause overall discomfort both during and after your shower. But when you start looking for new showers, you may become overwhelmed with the possibilities out there…. Read more »

4 Signs It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Stairs

Wooden Staircase

We don’t often think about our staircases, but they’re one of the most important features of our homes. After all, our stairs get us upstairs and downstairs. Without them, we would be stranded and unable to access the other levels of our homes. Despite our stairs’ importance, however, many homeowners go about their days with… Read more »

When Is it Time for a Bathroom Remodel?

Modern And Updated Bathroom

Is your bathroom outdated? Does it feel like you’re stepping back in time to the 1950s each time you use it? Are your cabinets and fixtures really, really old? If so, it may be time for a change. Here we discuss some of the top signs that it’s time for a bathroom remodel: You need… Read more »

How to Prevent Flood Damage to Your Home

How To Prevent Flood Damage To Your Home

Western New York is home to many rivers, lakes, creeks, and streams. While this makes for a picturesque location, it can pose a problem during the warmer months. If the past several months are any indication, a sudden rain storm can quickly flood a region, causing damage to our homes and businesses. Thankfully, there are… Read more »

Aging in Place: What It Is and Why You Should Remodel

Aging In Place

As we age, we start needing different accommodations in order to live safely and comfortably. Unfortunately, many of our homes do not have these accommodations, and we struggle to get through our day-to-day lives. While one option is moving into a nursing home, many of us prefer to stay in the homes we love. Thankfully,… Read more »

4 Ways to Use Your Garage

4 Ways To Use Your Garage

Many people doubt the benefits of having a garage constructed on their property. After all, can’t we just park our cars on the street or driveway? However, there are countless possibilities that open up with new garages.  Let’s take a look at some of the more advantageous aspects of owning a garage. Protection from the… Read more »