3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shower for Your Bathroom

The shower is one of the most important parts of your bathroom remodel. After all, a bad shower can dry out your skin, lead to slips and falls, and cause overall discomfort both during and after your shower. But when you start looking for new showers, you may become overwhelmed with the possibilities out there.

Thankfully, you can narrow down your choices by focusing on these three factors:

Shower And Tub In Bathroom


Your budget should be the first thing you think of when you start looking for new showers. Installing a new shower can range anywhere from $500 to a whopping $2000. What causes such a huge difference? Namely, what you’re replacing in your shower. If you’re installing new plumbing or adding new shower accessories, your price is going to skyrocket. Meanwhile, if you’re simply putting new panels over your old shower, the price will only be a couple hundred dollars.

Figure out a maximum price you’re willing to pay for your new shower. Then, ask yourself which features and accessories are a must, and which you can live without.

Bath Space

Once you have a budget in mind, it’s time to look at your space. Unless you’re expanding the size of your bathroom, you will be restricted to your current space. Take note of your available floor space to determine which shower variations you can buy. In general, you will have three to choose from:

  • Walk-in shower: Walk-ins take up the same space as bathtub-shower combos, but are typically more affordable. They can also have additional features such as rods, benches, or seats for accessibility.
  • Bathtub-shower combo: These showers are best for people who want to take both showers and baths, but don’t have the space for freestanding tubs and showers.
  • Freestanding: If you have plenty of space to spare and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, then consider getting a separate bathtub and a separate shower.
  • Corner showers: These take up the least amount of floor space and are best suited for tiny bathrooms.

Plumbing System

Replacing your plumbing system can be extremely expensive. As such, it’s best to stick with what you have and work around it. You should identify which type of plumbing system you have and then find a shower system that will work with it. Typically, you will have one of the three main water systems in your home:

  • High-pressure: You have a hot-water tank in your airing cupboard but no cold-water tank in your loft
  • Low-pressure: You have a cold-water tank and a hot-water tank in your airing cupboard
  • Cold mains water supply: Your cold water comes up into your home through a rising main

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