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Projects to Do for National Home Improvement Month

National Home Improvement Month

Did you know that May is National Home Improvement Month? Whether you’re putting your home on the market or just taking care of some routine maintenance, it’s a good idea to add a few projects to your to-do list, and to find a great contractor who can help you accomplish your goals. Here are a… Read more »

Fix Your Roofing Needs This Summer

Maintaining Your Roof And Keeping It Structurally Sound Is Crucial To Protecting Your Home From Water Damage. After All, If Your Roof Leaks, Everything You Own Is In Jeopardy.

Buffalo experiences it all when it comes to weather. From damaging winds to torrential downpour to several feet of snow, your roof and house have seen it all. Now that the sun is beaming, it’s a perfect time to get your roof inspected. Maintaining your roof and keeping it structurally sound is crucial to protecting… Read more »

Why you Should Install New Windows this Summer

Since Summer Is Quickly Approaching, Now Is The Time To Replace Your Old Windows. Upgrading Your Windows Can Significantly Transform The Look Of Your Home.

Are you trying to change the look of your house but not sure what to change? Since summer is quickly approaching, now is the time to replace your old windows for newly updated windows. Upgrading your windows can significantly transform the look of your home. New windows can help with your energy bills Can you… Read more »

For Your WNY Dream House, Stop Dreaming and Start Saving

For Your Wny Dream House, Stop Dreaming And Start Saving

Everyone, at some point in their life, has taken some time to imagine their dream house, the perfect place to live out the rest of their life. It might be right here in Western New York or it might not. It might involve a certain amount of space, or depend on a very particular layout…. Read more »

Why Gutters Are Vital To Homes and Buildings in Western New York

Why Gutters Are Vital To Homes And Buildings In Western New York

Have you notice pooling water in the corner of your home’s basement, but can’t figure out why? It could be that a particular gutter’s downspout wasn’t connecting to the sewer line properly, and therefore lots of snow and ice, along with rain water, wasn’t being diverted away from the house’s foundation. When water doesn’t have… Read more »

Ivy Lea Construction Can Help You Stay Cool With a Concrete Pool

Ivy Lea Construction Can Help You Stay Cool With A Concrete Pool

Ivy Lea Construction is looking forward to warmer weather in Buffalo. Pretty soon it will be time to open up your backyard pool and enjoy the sun of a superb Buffalo summer. If you have an in-ground pool on your property, this is the year to consider stamped concrete to surround it. A pool patio… Read more »

Join Us At the WNY Home and Garden Exposition

This winter is giving all of Western New York cabin fever. With that in mind, this week (and weekend) it’s time to venture outside of your house or apartment, and visit the WNY Home & Garden Expo. The fun starts at 2pm this Thursday at the Fairgrounds in Hamburg, and continues through Sunday at 5pm…. Read more »

A Deck or Patio Will Give You Incentive to Stay Home This Summer

A Deck Or Patio Will Give You Incentive To Stay Home This Summer

With gas prices rising, Western New Yorkers are traveling less and less. The term “staycation” applies—it’s where locals stay in the Western New York area for their vacation and enjoy the amenities we have around here, rather than go off to some distant locale and pay a small fortune. As summer approaches, one thing Western… Read more »

Summertime Home Repairs And Improvments

Summertime Home Repairs And Improvments

Summertime is a great time to get outdoor projects done, when you’re not shoveling snow, and it’s not 20 degrees outside. What are some of the outdoor summer jobs worth getting done around the house? First, consider cleaning out the gutters. Lots of leaves, pollen, and other junk accumulates in gutters, and if they’re not… Read more »