Why Gutters Are Vital To Homes and Buildings in Western New York

Why Gutters Are Vital To Homes And Buildings In Western New YorkHave you notice pooling water in the corner of your home’s basement, but can’t figure out why?

It could be that a particular gutter’s downspout wasn’t connecting to the sewer line properly, and therefore lots of snow and ice, along with rain water, wasn’t being diverted away from the house’s foundation.

When water doesn’t have anywhere to go but on the ground near the walls of buildings, it ends up pooling up and then finding its way down into the ground due to hydrostatic pressure. Over time, cracks in the foundation walls allow water to sneak into the basement, causing trouble and costly repairs.

Gutters really do matter. Without them, falling water creates ditches under a home’s eaves, and people get a wall of water coming down on them when opening their front door to walk out of the house in the rain.

Gutters and downspouts, when installed, cleaned and functioning properly, do the handy job of carrying water away from buildings, and therefore protecting the siding and foundation of the building, as well as landscaping features like bushes and flowers that needn’t get overwhelmingly flooded with water during a storm.

Some people who don’t have gutters have found that when it rains, water finds its way into the house or building through open windows, making quite the mess.

Ivy Lea Construction can install new gutters on houses and buildings around Western New York and/or repair or replace older, broken, clogged gutters so that rain water and other debris rolling down the roof doesn’t end up causing a mess below. Call Ivy Lea Construction today at 716-875-8654 to ask about gutter options.