A Deck or Patio Will Give You Incentive to Stay Home This Summer

A Deck Or Patio Will Give You Incentive To Stay Home This SummerWith gas prices rising, Western New Yorkers are traveling less and less. The term “staycation” applies—it’s where locals stay in the Western New York area for their vacation and enjoy the amenities we have around here, rather than go off to some distant locale and pay a small fortune.

As summer approaches, one thing Western New Yorkers look forward to, especially after a winter like this one, is spending time outside.

When the warm weather comes, why not consider adding a patio or deck to your house this year, as a place to hang out in the yard?

A patio or deck is a person’s personal oasis, where they can relax, listen to music, grill burgers, get a tan, and chat with friends and family. It’s refreshing to feel the breeze go by, and hear the birds chirping in the nearby trees. There’s nothing else quite like enjoying a cold beverage or iced tea while lounging on the back patio or deck after a long day of work.

Patios are directly on level ground—they have concrete bases and are sometimes covered with attractive stones, tile, pavers, or brick. Decks are built off the ground using a support system of wood or vinyl, and typically include railings. Both patios and decks add value to a home. You can add chairs, tables, flowers and other amenities to customize the space to your liking.

In Western New York, Ivy Lea Construction can add a new patio or deck to your home, just in time for the warmer weather. The company also repairs and improves older patios and decks at an affordable price. Call 716-875-8654 to discuss options today!