Entry Door Installation and Replacement Services

Exterior Door Replacement Buffalo

Exterior/Entry Door Installation

Exterior doors keep you safe and add to the curb appeal of your home. Ivy Lea Construction installs exterior doors in Buffalo to give you the best security and make the outside of your home look beautiful.

We install and replace exterior doors of all kinds, including front doors, insulated doors, storm doors, sliding doors and doors for extra security. You can add magnificent double doors to your home entrance to make a fantastic first impression on all your visitors, add extra strong back doors for additional security, or sliding doors for your deck or patio. We install all types of doors and make sure everything works properly, with craftsmanship built to last.


Improved Energy Efficiency with New Doors

Properly installed doors prevent heat and air conditioning from leaking out. They block drafts and keep rain out, and they prevent home invasion. We install high-quality exterior doors that give you the best home protection and add to your home’s curb appeal. We install screens so you can open your exterior doors in the summer and invite in fresh air, doors with beautiful glass windows to add elegance and prestige to your facade, and storm doors or insulated doors for extra security and protection from the elements.

Entry Door Installation And Replacement Services
Entry Door Installation And Replacement Services
Entry Door Installation And Replacement Services
Entry Door Installation And Replacement Services

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Home Door Replacement

Is It Time To Replace Your Front Door?

Your home’s front door is the focal point of the front of your house. When people walk or drive by, they notice it. Moreover, it is the first and the last thing people see when they come over. Visitors get an impression of you based on how your front door looks.

Cosmetically, it might be time for you to upgrade the look of your front door. Did you know it’s a good idea to replace your front door about once every ten years? Much like people buy new clothing and furniture to stay up-to-date and “in style,” it makes sense to replace your front door to reflect the times, your current style, and most importantly, to improve overall efficiency.

Some older doors have shifted such that they allow cold, snowy, windy drafts inside during harsh Buffalo winters. And over time, older doors and their frames can take on moisture in a way that causes problems. For all you know, there could be mildew and rot around your door. A full frame replacement allows for the area to be properly inspected, cleaned up, and improved so that water does not “get in.” In fact, today’s frames are made of composite material, which doesn’t allow water in at all.

Perhaps you weren’t the person to choose the front door of your house. It’s not too expensive to replace the old door with something that suits you better. For example, say your current door does not have a window, thus letting no light in. Maybe you’d like to buy a new door with a textured glass window that allows for some privacy while letting natural light into your foyer. Shopping for a new door these days is fun because the choices are varied—you can pick out the look of the door, the look of glass (if you want glass), and even textures. People who buy new doors often comment that their overall house looks refreshed simply because of the “new door.” Plus, this simple investment will improve the resale value of your home.

One more thing: a security strike plate is something that comes with a new door, and because it’s there, no one can kick your door in.

Ivy Lea Construction has experienced door installers who can make your place more secure and attractive. Isn’t it time you got a new front door?