Ivy Lea Construction Can Help You Stay Cool With a Concrete Pool

Ivy Lea Construction Can Help You Stay Cool With A Concrete PoolIvy Lea Construction is looking forward to warmer weather in Buffalo. Pretty soon it will be time to open up your backyard pool and enjoy the sun of a superb Buffalo summer.

If you have an in-ground pool on your property, this is the year to consider stamped concrete to surround it. A pool patio made of stamped concrete looks very attractive to the eye. It can mimic the look of slate, brick, wood or flagstone for a fraction of the price of those natural materials. Meanwhile, stamped concrete is available in a nice variety of colors, so it can “fit in” with the overall look and color scheme of your backyard environment.

When it rains (and snows) in Western New York, stamped concrete is protected because it’s sealed—that way it will hold up well over long periods of time. Sealer should be re-applied every three years to keep it properly protected, and an anti-skid agent mixed with the sealer helps make the surface less slippery.

All concrete eventually cracks, but stamped concrete includes control joints to cause it to crack in the least conspicuous areas—the places where the contractor wants it to crack.

In the old days, concrete poured around pools was generally plain and gray. These days, there are numerous concrete options to add charm, elegance and style to your backyard patio and pool areas. With a new or refreshed concrete patio/walkway in your backyard, your neighbors, friends and family will be impressed with the enhanced, high quality look of your place.

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