What Deteriorates Your Roof the Most?

Roofing Contractors in BuffaloRoofs are the first line of defense for your home. They are what keeps moisture and weather out and safety and comfort in, but they don’t last forever, especially in Buffalo!

Although some roofs guarantee a shingle life for over 30 years, that’s not based on a Buffalo winter, spring or fall.

After the winter, especially with an older roof, it’s always good to give a good look around and see if there are any missing or loose shingles. If there are, it might be time to call Ivy Lea’s roof contractors for a free estimate.

Here’s what deteriorates your roof the most:

  1. Rain and snow

  2. What’s the most erosive element in nature? Moving water (think Niagara Falls). What does water do when it’s on your roof? Move down the roof to the gutters. A typical Buffalo roof deals with moving water all year round, with melting snow and rain. It’s an erosive force that transports roof sediments to the gutters and a major reason why roofs deteriorate and erode.
  3. Sun

  4. During our warm summers, the heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun cause shingles to age faster. The hot temps break down the tar and other roofing materials, allowing other elements to erode easier.
  5. Wind

  6. High winds can cause immediate damage rather than eroding it over time. Wind over 50-60 mph, which happens more than its fair share throughout the year, can lift and loosen roof shingles.
  7. Moss

  8. Moss grows on a roof when a roof receives indirect sunlight, along with water flow. Moss doesn’t need a lot of elements to grow because it has no root systems, stems or leaves. All it needs is to be somewhat dark, damp and have nutrients, like fallen leaves.

All of these natural occurring elements cause harm to your roof, especially throughout the winter. So check out your roof this spring and see if you have any loose or crumbling shingles. It might be time to get that fixed before the summer heat comes. Contact us today for all of your roofing needs!