Home Renovations to Accommodate Aging

Home Renovations for SeniorsThese days, more and more seniors are choosing to age in place rather than move to a retirement home. However, home renovations are often necessary to accommodate aging, particularly for seniors with mobility or vision issues. While it can initially seem like a major financial investment to renovate your home, this approach can actually make more financial sense than an assistant living facility, which can cost around $43,000 a year for a basic unit.

Here are some home renovations that can make your home easier for seniors to navigate:

Redo the bathroom

Seniors with mobility impairments typically need to renovate the bathroom. A good renovation would include a comfort-height toilet, a step-through tub, a shower with no curbs, and bath bars.

Install stair alternatives

Stairs also pose challenges to seniors with limited mobility. Install a chair lift indoors and ramps outdoors.

Put in slip-resistant flooring

Reduce the risk of potentially dangerous falls by replacing wood or tile floors with slip-resistant material.

Lower kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops are 34 inches high on average, which can be difficult for someone in a wheelchair. Lower them to 30 inches to make them easier to use.

Change the doorknobs

People with arthritis have trouble gripping round doorknobs, so replace them with easier-to-use lever-style knobs.

Install motion-activated lights

Seniors who have vision impairments often find it difficult to locate light switches at night, so consider installing motion-activated lights.

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