How to Maintain Your Concrete Driveway

Concrete MaintenanceYour concrete driveway is one of the areas of your home you use the most, but many people overlook when their driveways become cracked or stained. It’s better to make any repairs as soon as you notice the problem to extend your driveway’s lifespan, keep your home looking attractive and even save money over time.

Here’s how to maintain your concrete driveway:

Keep it clean

The simplest thing you can do to maintain your concrete driveway is to keep it clear of fallen leaves, twigs and yard debris, which can stain the driveway as well as obscure cracks and other problems. In addition, remove any stains from motor oil, radiator fluid and similar substances. Clumping kitty litter is great for dealing with fresh leaks, followed by grease-cutting detergent and warm water.

Stop cracks before they start

When it comes to cracks in your driveway, prevention is the best cure. Seal concrete every year to stop water from penetrating, freezing and causing cracks. (Make sure to have the driveway power washed first.) You should also make sure to shovel snow regularly to keep water from seeping in to your concrete driveway. If you do see any cracks or holes, make sure to patch them right away.

Don’t live on the edge

Avoid parking your car at the edges of the driveway, which can cause stress to the concrete and lead to cracks.

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