How to Choose the Right Replacement Windows

Is your home feeling drafty or noisy from the outside? Then it might be time to consider window replacement. But the array of styles, materials, and designs can make the decision challenging.

Window Styles

The style of your windows should fit your home’s aesthetics and functions. Not only does it have to blend in with your home’s design, but they should be able to work as well. While there are many different types of styles to choose from, there are five that most people choose from:

Double Hung Windows

These have two operating sashes that open both on the top and the bottom, allowing both windows to open. Double hung windows are great for rooms that need extra ventilation, like a kitchen or living area where you entertain guests. They are also very nice because they are easier to clean–you can tilt each sash inward to wipe them down as needed.

Single Hung Windows

These are traditional windows that have one opening on the lower side, allowing only the bottom window to move upward and let air in. Single hung windows can allow a nice breeze to enter your home, but you’ll only be able to open the bottom sash. This can make cleaning the window a little more difficult than double hung windows, but single hung windows are most cost effective.

Casement Windows

These windows are hinged on one side and open outward using a crank or handle. Unlike traditional double-hung windows which slide up and down, casement windows open outward. They have hinges on the side, and they swing out much like a door would.

Slider Windows

These slide open from side to side rather than up or out. Depending on the design, you can open one or both sides of a sliding window, allowing for adjustable ventilation.

Awning Windows

Similar to an awning, these windows tilt open and out. This allows for ventilation, even during light rain.

Window Frame Material

Once you decide on the style, you should focus your attention on the material. Your window frames’ material can impact how much heat is lost or let in during the year.

Wood Frame Windows

The classic wood window frame has the best insulating value, but they do require more maintenance and upkeep.

Vinyl Windows

The most popular type of window frame, vinyl is inexpensive, insulating, and low maintenance.

Aluminum Windows

This material is hardy and tough, able to withstand harsh weather conditions. However, heat transfer and loss are a problem with these windows.


How To Choose The Right Replacement Windows

Window Glass

The kind of glass you install in your windows will impact how it performs. This is especially true in Buffalo, where insulation is key.

Low-E Glass

Low Emissivity Glass has a thin, protective layer that reduces heat loss and heat transfer through the glass.

Impact Resistant Glass

This type of glass will not shatter upon impact, making it ideal for homes facing tough weather conditions.

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