How New Windows Can Improve Your Energy Bills

With summer drawing to a close, we start to think ahead to the long fall and winter months. Before we know it, the cold, snowy, and windy Buffalo weather will be trying to sneak into our warm houses. One of the easiest places for cold air to get into our homes is through old windows. The result will be high energy bills, uncomfortable drafts, and you will be left wondering, “Should I have done something about this before fall hit?” In most cases, the answer is always “yes.” Read on to learn more: 

New windows are properly sealed, reducing heat loss 

How New Windows Can Improve Your Energy Bills

Replacing old windows can be a cost-effective solution to not only keeping your home warmer in the winter, but also spending less to heat your home. Why? Because old windows have poor seals, as well as cracks and holes that could be sucking the warm air out and letting the cold air in. New “Energy Star” windows, meanwhile, are designed with proper seals to prevent heat loss. This can save people a lot of money. According to Energy Star, replacing single-pane windows can save you $101-$583, or $27-$197 for double-pane windows. 

Repairing instead of replacing 

While entirely new windows will always improve the energy efficiency of your home, there are instances where a complete window replacement isn’t necessary. Sometimes, windows just need some repairs instead of replacement. Cost-wise, it’s better to fix or replace a window sooner rather than later. Old, broken windows with cracks and holes in them are just sucking the hot air out of your home, and that’s going to cost you a pretty penny each winter. 

Ivy Lea Construction can help you cut your energy costs by as much as 40% through the Home Performance with Energy Star program. Call 716-875-8654 to learn more about our window repair and replacement services today!