How to Decide Whether to Repair or Replace Your Windows

It’s not too hard to tell when your current set of windows are no longer cutting it. Poor insulation, decaying wood, and broken glass are all signs saying that you can’t afford to keep your current windows. What’s more difficult to tell, however, is whether you should repair your old windows, or replace them entirely.

Is there rotting wood?

How To Decide Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Windows

Over time, wood can deteriorate, leading to rot. If the problem is located in a small area, then this is probably something you can handle yourself. On the other hand, if the rot has spread across the frame, repairing it will be too difficult and costly for the average homeowner. Instead, replace it with a new set of windows that are rot-free.

Are the windows foggy?

If you look out your windows and can’t see anything, then this means condensation is building up inside your double-paned or triple-paned insulated glass unit (IGU). If this happens, you have no choice but to replace it. This is because today’s IGU’s are permanently sealed, making it practically impossible to take apart your window for a repair.

Do you have cracked or broken glass?

A broken (or nearly broken) window is a huge safety hazard that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. A broken, single-pane window can be repaired fairly easily, but a multi-paned window will have to be replaced for the same reasons as stated above.

Can you open your windows?

Over time, window sashes can collect a lot of paint, dirt, and grime inside them. This makes it difficult, even impossible, for you to open your windows. In most cases, this can be easily fixed by the homeowner. If, however, you have custom windows or your house was built before 1978 (meaning it likely has toxic lead paint), then you’ll need to replace them.

Whether your windows require a simple repair job or need to be replaced entirely, the experts over at Ivy Lea Construction can help. Give us a call today to learn more about our window installation services.