When you’re first scouting a new home, your primary concerns are most likely the same as everyone else’s. You want to know if the home is structurally sound, if there are any repairs that need done immediately, and how the layout of the rooms fits your unique plan. This is an integral part of the decision making process, and solidifies the difference between “wants” and “needs.”

Once you have the necessities out of the way, it’s time to start looking to the future, and time to start planning your additions. Porches are where many people begin to add on to their home, and are a great way to make the most out of your outdoor space. Just imagine relaxing out back with your guests, enjoying the night sky and a soft breeze. Home Additions

While often homes require just an extra room built on, many home owners choose to add an entire second floor. This can nearly double your available square footage and thereby increase the value of your home exponentially. It gives you the chance to customize the majority of your home and tailor it to your specific demands, without having the higher cost of building an entirely new home.

Various interior design features can lend your personal take and style to the home. While interior decorating is key, designing specific features and actually renovating the home gives it that individualistic spin. Perhaps cathedral ceilings have always been your dream, or you’ve just simply wanted a master bath installed for privacy purposes.

Whatever your inclination, be it exterior or interior additions, Ivy Lea Construction is your prime resource!