The Benefits of Replacing Old Windows

Few things are more unsightly on your property than archaic, out-of-date windows that have clearly seen better days. What’s more, old windows are not only unappealing; they present many other problems as well.

Increased Utility Bills

If your old windows are drafty and worn, they are likely increasing your utility costs, as your heating and energy systems have to work harder with excess cold air seeping in. But new energy-efficient windows are designed to prevent leaks and drafts and enable your home to use fewer resources for warming, which can considerably reduce your utility bills. Especially with the harsh windows and freezing temperatures of Buffalo-area winters, allowing cold drafts to sneak into your home through windows and doors will lead to increased heating bills.

Increased Risk of Your Window Breaking

As temperatures drop, old glass can become brittle and fragile. Unsound glass can lead to broken windows and sharp glass fragments that will put you and your family at risk. Having sturdy, reliable windows is especially important during winter storms when winds are high and snowfall is heavy.

Old or Poor Quality Materials

Old windows are likely to be single-paned, which means more moisture is able to seep in than with newer, double-paned windows. Over time, that moisture buildup can result in mold and mildew growth, which is hazardous to everyone’s health. Old windows often mean old frames, and window frames of the past were commonly coated in lead paint. Lead can be toxic, and if the paint chips it is especially dangerous to children and pets.

Ultimately, if your current windows are drafty, fragile, old, or made of poor quality materials, it may be time to replace your windows. Ivy Lea Construction has been serving Buffalo and Western New York with our professional window replacement, full frame replacement, and new construction for years. Contact us today to learn more about our services, schedule an estimate, set up an installation, or create a payment plan. Beautiful new windows are only a phone call away!

How To Choose The Right Replacement Windows