Get your home ready for winter

The change in seasons should bring about more then just a change of wardrobe.

It’s important to check out your appliances and home systems now in order to prevent unnecessary repairs when you need those systems the most.

To help you get your home ready for the winter, here are some tips to help you maintain your heating and plumbing system to ensure they’re ready before the temperatures drop.

To prepare the heating system:

  • Have your system professionally cleaned and inspected.
  • Move any furniture that has been placed over the vents away to clear the air flow.Get Your Home Ready For Winter
  • To ensure efficient operation, check your system’s air filters and clean or change them regularly.
  • It’s always important to check the manufacture’s maintenance recommendations for your specific unit.  This information is typically available online and in your owner’s guide.

To prepare the plumbing system:

  • Insulate pipes prone to freezing, such as those near an outside wall; or any exposed plumbing such as outside faucets.
  • Keep your water meter box covered with its lid to prevent the meter from freezing during cold periods.
  • Be sure to know where your master valve is located so you can quickly turn your home’s water off if a line does break.  In most homes, this valve is located near the water heater, near the clothes washer, or where the water service line enters your home.
  • Wrap outdoor or crawl space pipes with electric heat tape or insulation to prevent freezing.

Plumbing and heating systems are like any other machinery; they require some basic maintenance to keep them functioning properly.

Unfortunately, if regular maintenance doesn’t take place and a system or appliance fails, it’s usually at the time of need and you’re left with a crisis which can require a quick and more expensive decision.

Taking these steps can help you keep your home systems in good working order. – Family Features