Why You’ll Want to Install Smart Home Technology

Smart Home TechnologyIf you’re anything like us, you rely on your smartphone for just about everything. Checking the weather, staying in touch, finding restaurants, getting directions—you name it. Did you know that having a “smart home” is just as helpful for your everyday life?

Here are some of the benefits of installing smart home technology:

Complete control

Every room in your house will be climate-controlled precisely to your liking, and you can easily raise and lower lighting levels or music volume without having to move from your comfortable spot.

No more mistakes

Gone are the days that you get to the office wondering if you turned the oven off at home, or that you spend your whole vacation wondering if you left the lights on. Smart technology lets you turn appliances and lights on and off with a simple click of a button.


Save money on electricity by having your smart home automatically adjust the temperature when you’re away or asleep.

Safety first

Smart homes often have advanced security systems that include cameras, motion sensors and/or links to the local police department. Some even use fingerprints or key cards instead of traditional locks, making it harder for burglars to enter.

Market value

The National Association of Realtors estimates that smart technology in a home adds an additional 5 percent to the sale price!

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