Must-Have Home Repair Products

Home Repair ProductsSometimes, the right product is all you need to make a simple home repair fix. Do you have these must-have repair products on hand?

Two-part filler

If you’ve got a hole bigger than a nail head, two-part filler is your best friend. Because it has to be mixed and doesn’t rinse off with water, it’s not as easy to use as other fillers, but its advantage is that it’s much tougher. Bonus: it’s not just for wood! Use it on metal, fiberglass or concrete too.

Screw-in drywall anchors

Even home improvement newbies will find screw-in drywall anchors easy to use. There’s no need to pre-drill, they hold firmly and all you need to put them in is a basic screwdriver.

Thread-locking compound

Ever had a handle or a doorknob that mysteriously came loose? Yeah, we have, too. Use a few drops of thread-locking compound for a permanent fix. You’ll still be able to remove the screw with ordinary tools later if you need to do more repairs.

Stain markers

Got a few scratches on your door frame? No need to buy a whole can of stain. Just use these markers to touch up minor imperfections.

Two-part epoxy glue

Put anything back together with this ultra-tough glue. Most products now come with applicator tip that automatically mixes the two parts.

Even if your home repair toolkit is well-stocked, some repairs are best left to the pros. If you’re a Buffalo-area homeowner, call Ivy Lea Construction at 716-875-8654 to tackle the home improvement and repair projects on your list!