Why New Siding is a Great Home Improvement Project

Why New Siding Is A Great Home Improvement ProjectIvy Lea Construction removes old siding on many Buffalo-area homes, and then installs energy efficient, attractive replacement siding.

People choose to have new siding installed for two reasons—because it looks nicer and because it saves money on energy costs.

Ivy Lea uses Tyvek house wrap and rigid foam insulation board. Tyvek house wrap helps improve a home’s energy efficiency by retaining heat and reducing drafts. It is made of a durable composite material for long-lasting protection against water damage. Meanwhile, it lets interior moisture escape, while repelling exterior moisture to allow your home’s walls to dry and retain their waterproof seal. Rigid foam insulation board is used to insulate a home and eliminate air leaks. Energy efficient siding can help cut your energy costs up to 30%.

These days, siding comes in many styles and colors. Ivy Lea often installs Alcoa Quest Signature siding, which is made to look like real wood and stand up to the elements, including Buffalo’s snowy, windy winters. New vinyl siding is a cost-effective, attractive way to refresh the look of your home’s exterior.

Vinyl siding has many good qualities. It never needs painting. It doesn’t rot or allow mildew or insects to ruin it. You can also add door surround systems, dental moldings, accent panels, or shutters for a very attractive look.

Kevin Guest House, the nation’s first Hospital Hospitality House, offers affordable accommodations for patients, outpatients and their loved ones. Located at 782 Ellicott Street in downtown Buffalo, its exterior’s vinyl siding was recently done by Ivy Lea Construction. If you get a chance, visit Kevin Guest House and see an example of the company’s great work in-person.