How to Prevent Flood Damage to Your Home

Western New York is home to many rivers, lakes, creeks, and streams. While this makes for a picturesque location, it can pose a problem during the warmer months. If the past several months are any indication, a sudden rain storm can quickly flood a region, causing damage to our homes and businesses. Thankfully, there are ways you can protect your home and prevent flood damage.

Apply coatings and sealants

How To Prevent Flood Damage To Your Home

Your house can’t flood if the water can’t get inside. While there is always a limit to how much water you can stop from entering your home, coatings and sealants can prevent a large amount of flood water from leaking in. Apply coatings and sealants to your foundation, walls, windows, doorways, and any other area where water can seep in.

Install foundation vents or a sump pump

Foundation vents redirects flood water, allowing it to flow through your home instead of pooling around it. A sump pump, meanwhile, continuously pumps water out of your basement. Both options can help prevent your home, especially your basement, from flooding.

Improve grading and drainage

Next time it rains, take note of where water pools around your home. If it pools near the foundation, then you may not have the proper grading or drainage system. The ground should slope away from your foundation, and if it doesn’t, you can add in dirt and sod to improve the grading. A drainage system can also prevent water from accumulating near your home.

Clear away debris

Over the years, debris can accumulate in your yard, your gutters, and around your foundation. If you leave this unattended, then that debris can clog your gutters, sewage drains, and drainage paths. Always check for debris before a big storm arrives to ensure water doesn’t accumulate.

Raise your home

While this is an expensive option, raising your home on stilts or piers is one of the most effective means of preventing flood damage. This may be something to consider if your home sits right next to a creek or river.

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