Buffalo Winter Roof Care Guide

Buffalo Winter Roof Care Guide

Buffalonians are no strangers to snow. Even so, our harsh winters mean that we have to take extra precautions for our home. This is especially true for our roofs. Replacing an entire roof can be costly, but it can be avoided through routine maintenance.

With our winter care guide, you can protect your roof during those long Buffalo winters. Read on to learn more:

Don’t Wait – Remove Snow ASAP

When that classic lake effect snowstorm rolls through, the morning after always involves a lot of shoveling. We mostly focus on our driveways, but we should also focus on our roofs. If too much snow collects on your rooftop, it could cause structural damage to your home. This is especially a concern for Western New Yorkers who can find feet of snow on their roofs. In addition to structural damage, snow and ice can also result in an ice dam that can not only destroy your roof, but your gutters as well.

Keep an Eye Out for Wind Damage

Snow isn’t the only thing we have to contend with in winter—we also have wind. All you need is one windstorm to start losing shingles. So, keep an eye out for missing or broken shingles and get them replaced as soon as possible. The longer you go without replacing shingles, the more likely it is that your house will suffer from water damage.

Clear Out Debris

If the weather forecast is calling for another storm, clear out your gutters, flashing, and downspouts of any debris. Once snow collects on your roof, it can latch onto any needles, leaves, or other debris. The debris then becomes water-logged and rotted, resulting in leaks and other types of damage to your roof.

Check Attic Ventilation

Your attic has a huge impact on your roof. Poor ventilation or insulation can result in ice dams, and ice dams can take a huge toll on your home. A properly ventilated attic should direct warm air away from the roof, preventing the snow from melting and eventually turning into ice.

If you need your roof repaired this winter, contact Ivy Lea Construction to see how we can help.