Garage Door Security Tips to Keep in Mind

Garage Door Security

To many, a garage door is just one way of getting your cars in and out, but homeowners forget that a garage door is just that: a door. If burglars want to get into your house, they can easily use the garage door as an access point if you’re not careful. To be truly secure,… Read more »

Why Kitchens Are the Most Renovated Room

Kitchen Renovation

If you’re a new homeowner, you’ve likely heard this before: someone you know just had their kitchen renovated. But ever wonder why that’s the case? Why is it that new homeowners tend to renovate their kitchen first and foremost, before embarking on any other major home project? Well, as it turns out, renovating your kitchen… Read more »

Reasons to Install a Deck This Spring

Benefits of installing a deck

Spring is officially in the air in most of the country, which means that families everywhere are breaking out the deck furniture, dusting off the grill, and getting ready to spend some gorgeous spring nights out on their deck. If your home didn’t already have this extra living room built in when you purchased it,… Read more »

Outdoing Your Neighbors Home Improvement Projects? You’re Not Alone

Popularity of Home Improvement Projects

Picture this: It’s Sunday morning, and you’ve just stepped outside to water your plants. Now, your yard seemed perfectly fine on Saturday, but this morning, the first thing you notice is your neighbor’s yard. He’s added brand new planters, redone his stone path and added a fountain!? Green with envy, you rush off to your… Read more »

Tools Every New Homeowner Should Have

Tools for Homeowners

Congratulations! You’ve just closed on your dream home. If you’re like us, you’re probably already dreaming of how you’ll furnish and decorate the new space. While you’re at it, don’t forget to purchase these important tools every new homeowner should have, to be prepared for emergencies and home repairs. A tape measure Don’t guesstimate! Use… Read more »

Home Renovations You Should Leave to the Pros

Home Improvement Projects

We get it – your home needs updating, and you’re on a budget. You might be tempted to undertake the renovations yourself. But what you save in money, you might gain in frustration and dissatisfaction. A recent survey by Zillow found that over 40 percent of homeowners regretted taking on large home improvement projects on… Read more »

Spring Home Improvement Projects

Update your landscaping

Finally, spring is in the air! The birds are chirping, the trees are blooming and the air is starting to warm up. Spring is a great time to take care of home improvement projects, particularly those that will help you enjoy relaxing outdoors or staying cool indoors. For example: Update your landscaping After a dull… Read more »

Seven Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Concrete

Importance of Replacing Concrete

The spring is, without a doubt, the best time to replace the concrete you have around the outside of your home. Whether you want to put in a new concrete driveway or create a concrete patio that you and your family can enjoy this summer, you should consider doing it soon, now that winter is… Read more »

How to Choose Hardwood Flooring

Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are beautiful and classic. Well-chosen, they can upgrade your home and increase its market value if you happen to be selling. If you’ve never chosen hardwood flooring before, read on for a few tips to help with your choice. Not all hardwood flooring is created equal, and there’s a lot more involved than… Read more »

Come Find Us at the Buffalo Home Show!

Come find us at the Buffalo Home Show in March

The folks here at Ivy Lea Construction are proud to report that we will be attending the 2018 Buffalo Home Show this month. The show is an exciting event in our industry—one where homeowners can discover the true potential of any home—and we’re honored to be a part of it. If you’re looking for ways to… Read more »