Home Repair To-Do List

Homes require a lot of maintenance, which means home owners typically have a list of projects to-be-done. How do you determine project priorities? First, ask yourself if anything in or outside of the house, is in such disrepair that it could cause more damage to the house or cause injury to someone. If that’s the… Read more »

A look at ground fault circuit interrupters

Question: In the past you’ve written about special outlets for the garage.  What should I install?  I’m selling my house to my son and I want everything to be safe. Answer: Your question is timely because I recently had an angry seller call me insisting that I replace the outlet in his garage because, as… Read more »

Decorative Concrete Options and Installation

Decorative Concrete Options and Installation The use of concrete has come a long way in providing a functional solution for exterior surfaces as well as boosting aesthetic appeal. Most popular on driveways, porches, patio, steps or pool decks, concrete is easy to maintain and looks amazing. Here are some unique options for using concrete on… Read more »

Porch Construction and Care

Porch Construction and Care One of the best added features of the exterior of a home is a porch. A porch adds a cozy element as well as architectural beauty. With new technology, you can get creative with where and how your porch is going to look if you plan on having one built. Wrap… Read more »

How To Care For Your Porch

How to Properly Care For Your New or Old Porch Home maintenance covers both the interior and exterior of a house. The indoor is protected by the walls and windows, whereas the outdoor, has no protective barrier, which means maintenance needs to be kept up more often. Your porch serves as an outdoor oasis, a… Read more »

Cut heating bills by adding insulation

Do you know how much you lose when heat goes through the roof? Some experts put the estimate as high as 45 percent of your heating bill, but that would be from under insinuated attic.  To reduce heat loss, you can add insulation if you are willing to get a little dirty.  First determine the… Read more »

What can new windows do for you?

Out of all the improvements technology has made to the home construction industry — new roofing construction, better insulation and improved plastic siding — windows may be the best improvement of them all. There are so many benefits to having new windows installed in your home, more than just being energy efficient. Let’s take a… Read more »

Protect your home against winters rush:

Protect your home against winters rush You’ve probably never thought of it this way, but your roof is to your home what a 300 pound football guard is to his team’s quarterback: the first line of protection against the elements – in this case, the harsh winter weather- that would pummel it mercilessly if otherwise… Read more »


Get your home ready for winter The change in seasons should bring about more then just a change of wardrobe. It’s important to check out your appliances and home systems now in order to prevent unnecessary repairs when you need those systems the most. To help you get your home ready for the winter, here… Read more »


While the cold weather brings the cheer of the holiday season, it also brings the higher heating bills.  The price of natural gas and electricity, in addition to leaks that allow heat to escape and drafts that let cold air in can have a significant impact on your heating bills. Follow these simple tips to… Read more »