Stay Home: Remodeling Your House to Age in Place

Choosing the perfect care provider for a parent or grandparent is hard decision. On top of finding an affordable facility, you want to find one that cares for your family the way you would. Unfortunately, they’re not family, so many times, that doesn’t happen. The fear of nursing homes is a reasonable one, and so… Read more »

Which Light Bulb Should I Choose for My Home?

With so many technological advances during the last 20 years, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and innovative new products.  An example of this can be found in a product that many of us use and depend on each and every day: light bulbs.  Historically, the only thing you had… Read more »

The Benefits of Replacing Old Windows

Few things are more unsightly on your property than archaic, out-of-date windows that have clearly seen better days.  What’s more, old windows are not only unappealing; they also could have an adverse effect on your home’s energy system. Fortunately, replacing old windows with new windows is a favorable and feasible home improvement project that homeowners… Read more »

How a Kitchen Remodel can Increase the Value of Your Home

For many people, purchasing a home will be the largest financial investment they make in their lives.  As such, it is crucial that homeowners periodically re-invest in their property through different home improvement projects.  The projects will add value to your home, and will stabilize the outlook of your long-term asset. However, the best part… Read more »


HOME ADDITIONS – PORCHES, 2ND FLOORS, INTERIOR DESIGN FEATURES When you’re first scouting a new home, your primary concerns are most likely the same as everyone else’s. You want to know if the home is structurally sound, if there are any repairs that need done immediately, and how the layout of the rooms fits your… Read more »

Summertime Home Repairs And Improvments

Summertime is a great time to get outdoor projects done, when you’re not shoveling snow, and it’s not 20 degrees outside. What are some of the outdoor summer jobs worth getting done around the house? First, consider cleaning out the gutters. Lots of leaves, pollen, and other junk accumulates in gutters, and if they’re not… Read more »

Home Repair To-Do List

Homes require a lot of maintenance, which means home owners typically have a list of projects to-be-done. How do you determine project priorities? First, ask yourself if anything in or outside of the house, is in such disrepair that it could cause more damage to the house or cause injury to someone. If that’s the… Read more »

A look at ground fault circuit interrupters

Question: In the past you’ve written about special outlets for the garage.  What should I install?  I’m selling my house to my son and I want everything to be safe. Answer: Your question is timely because I recently had an angry seller call me insisting that I replace the outlet in his garage because, as… Read more »

Decorative Concrete Options and Installation

Decorative Concrete Options and Installation The use of concrete has come a long way in providing a functional solution for exterior surfaces as well as boosting aesthetic appeal. Most popular on driveways, porches, patio, steps or pool decks, concrete is easy to maintain and looks amazing. Here are some unique options for using concrete on… Read more »

Porch Construction and Care

Porch Construction and Care One of the best added features of the exterior of a home is a porch. A porch adds a cozy element as well as architectural beauty. With new technology, you can get creative with where and how your porch is going to look if you plan on having one built. Wrap… Read more »