Relax on a new Porch this Summer

Relax On A New Porch This Summer

Buffalo may be known for its winters, but come summertime, everyone who has a porch seemingly uses theirs and with good reason. Porches serve many functions on a house—they offer shelter from the elements, so you’re not forced to sit under the blazing hot sun or deal with a downpour of rain. Meanwhile, they’re a… Read more »

A New Roof is a Shrewd Investment

A New Roof Is A Shrewd Investment

Having a reliable roof over your head is essential.  Homes and buildings with broken, leaky or deteriorating roofs aren’t safe or comfortable to be in. A new roof is a good investment these days, especially for homes. Did you know, for instance, if you were thinking of selling your house, it has been said that… Read more »

What Type of Roofing Material Should I choose for My Home?

What Type Of Roofing Material Should I Choose For My Home?

Every house will have specific roofing needs over time, and there are several roofing material options currently available. Ivy Lea Construction of Buffalo offers, for example, standard three-in-one shingles, architectural shingles, and EPDM rubber for roofing purposes. Standard three-in-one asphalt shingles are the most common type of shingles you’ll find on residential roofs in the… Read more »

Why Gutters Are Vital To Homes and Buildings in Western New York

Why Gutters Are Vital To Homes And Buildings In Western New York

Have you notice pooling water in the corner of your home’s basement, but can’t figure out why? It could be that a particular gutter’s downspout wasn’t connecting to the sewer line properly, and therefore lots of snow and ice, along with rain water, wasn’t being diverted away from the house’s foundation. When water doesn’t have… Read more »

Make Your Property More Visually Appealing With Stamped Concrete

Make Your Property More Visually Appealing With Stamped Concrete

Plain concrete is just that: plain. But stamped concrete is visually interesting. For example, if you ever considered having a stone patio, but didn’t want to spend the money on such a lavish look, stamped concrete is a great, viable alternative. Stamped concrete gives your patio the look and texture of stone at half the… Read more »

The Advantages of Installing Solar Panels in Western New York

The Advantages Of Installing Solar Panels In Western New York

Have your electricity bills been going up, to the point where you’re fed up with the exorbitantly high prices? After this especially cold winter in the Buffalo area, many homeowners have been hit with huge bills. As summer approaches, now’s a good time to consider an alternative energy source for your home in Western New… Read more »

Ivy Lea Construction Can Help You Stay Cool With a Concrete Pool

Ivy Lea Construction Can Help You Stay Cool With A Concrete Pool

Ivy Lea Construction is looking forward to warmer weather in Buffalo. Pretty soon it will be time to open up your backyard pool and enjoy the sun of a superb Buffalo summer. If you have an in-ground pool on your property, this is the year to consider stamped concrete to surround it. A pool patio… Read more »

Why Spring Is Ideal for Roof Repairs and Replacements

Why Spring Is Ideal For Roof Repairs And Replacements

Eventually every home’s roof needs replacing. Buffalo winters can be especially harsh on area roofs, with all the wind, sleet, snow, rain, and ice pummeling them from November through March. Have you noticed the extreme temperature changes we’ve been having? One day it’s 42 degrees and the next it’s 2 degrees! All the while, your… Read more »

Join Us At the WNY Home and Garden Exposition

This winter is giving all of Western New York cabin fever. With that in mind, this week (and weekend) it’s time to venture outside of your house or apartment, and visit the WNY Home & Garden Expo. The fun starts at 2pm this Thursday at the Fairgrounds in Hamburg, and continues through Sunday at 5pm…. Read more »

A Deck or Patio Will Give You Incentive to Stay Home This Summer

A Deck Or Patio Will Give You Incentive To Stay Home This Summer

With gas prices rising, Western New Yorkers are traveling less and less. The term “staycation” applies—it’s where locals stay in the Western New York area for their vacation and enjoy the amenities we have around here, rather than go off to some distant locale and pay a small fortune. As summer approaches, one thing Western… Read more »