New Siding Is For More Than Just Looks—It’s A Sound Investment

New Siding Is For More Than Just Looks—It’s A Sound Investment

We spend most of our time inside our homes, especially during our long Buffalo winters. So it’s natural that when money becomes available for a little home improvement, we gravitate towards the sexier options like new fancy furniture or a kitchen remodeling. But when it comes to getting bang for your buck, new siding is… Read more »

For Your WNY Dream House, Stop Dreaming and Start Saving

For Your Wny Dream House, Stop Dreaming And Start Saving

Everyone, at some point in their life, has taken some time to imagine their dream house, the perfect place to live out the rest of their life. It might be right here in Western New York or it might not. It might involve a certain amount of space, or depend on a very particular layout…. Read more »

Why Spring Is The Perfect Time For New Siding

Why Spring Is The Perfect Time For New Siding

Here in Western New York, we’re all ready for winter to be over. Like it or not, we’ve still got a few more months to go. But it’s never too early to start thinking about the right home improvements to go with the warm weather. There’s a reason why we get so busy with new… Read more »

Summer Home Improvement Projects: Patios vs Decks

Summer Home Improvement Projects: Patios Vs Decks

Springtime is a good time for Ivy Lea Construction to build a deck or add a patio to your home in Western New York after the winter snow melts away. What are some of the differences between a deck and a patio? Decks are typically made of solid wood with slotted surfaces, elevated off the… Read more »

Is It Time To Remodel My Bathroom?

Is It Time To Remodel My Bathroom?

Bathrooms are places where we spend a lot of time, for sure. If we’re not checking our hair and faces in the mirror, we’re brushing our teeth, showering and/or using the toilet. Can you imagine life without bathrooms? That said, many Western New Yorkers have bathrooms that haven’t been updated since their home was built…before… Read more »

Home Improvement Project Ideas for Spring

Home Improvement Project Ideas For Spring

After a cold, snowy winter, many Western New Yorkers start thinking about spring, which brings with it a feeling that change is in the air. Besides being able to put away snow shovels and seeing trees sprout fresh leaves, spring is also a time for home improvement projects. Want to bring more natural light into… Read more »

How to Stop a Drafty Window or Door From Increasing Your Energy Bill

How To Stop A Drafty Window Or Door From Increasing Your Energy Bill

Buffalo-area winters are cold. Moreover, the winter weather is always trying to sneak into area homes through drafty windows and doors, causing your heating bills to rise. There are several things you can do to minimize or stop drafty windows and doors. Self-adhesive weather-stripping and self-stick weather sealing can be bought at area hardware or… Read more »

Don’t Let Ice Dams Ruin Your Roof

Don’t Let Ice Dams Ruin Your Roof

Buffalo winters bring crazy amounts of snow and ice. Does your home have ice dams? They are a roofing problem many Western New Yorkers have to deal with because their home has poor roof ventilation and a warm attic space. These two things cause ice to “dam” at the edge of a roof, and that’s… Read more »

What Issues Can Snow on Your Roof Cause?

What Issues Can Snow On Your Roof Cause?

After the intense 2014 “Snowvember storm” in Western New York, you probably noticed many area roofs were damaged from the weight of heavy snow. Six feet of snow in less than two days is an awful lot of snow– and awful is the right word, for sure. Too much snow on a roof can lead… Read more »

The Importance of Insulating an Old Home

The Importance Of Insulating An Old Home

Did you know that the majority of Buffalo homes were built before 1939? Unlike other areas of the country, where most homes were built in recent decades, Buffalo has quite old housing stock. The older your home, the more likely it could use better insulation. In the old days, people insulated with whatever was cheaply… Read more »