The Advantages of Installing Solar Panels in Western New York

The Advantages Of Installing Solar Panels In Western New YorkHave your electricity bills been going up, to the point where you’re fed up with the exorbitantly high prices? After this especially cold winter in the Buffalo area, many homeowners have been hit with huge bills.

As summer approaches, now’s a good time to consider an alternative energy source for your home in Western New York. We’re at a point in time when solar panel installations on your roof are a viable way to utilize the sun’s rays to power the outlets/items in your house.

Generally, people don’t know what they’re missing when they don’t have solar panels. Typically, someone will visit a home with them, and see how they’re a good thing. Then, upon returning home, they mull over the idea of having clean energy solar panels installed on their own roof.

New York State gives tax credits to those with solar panels, as an incentive to get more people to have these eco-friendly panels on their roofs. Over time—typically six or seven years—the panels essentially pay for themselves, and then it’s like you’re getting free (or very low cost) electricity. Thankfully, solar panels come with valuable warranties, to help ensure your experience with them goes well.

There’s enough sunshine in Western New York to make solar panel installations a smart money-saving choice for electricity. Instead of paying—say— $140 a month from a traditional electric company, the supply from your solar panels works out to $15-$20 a month, to give you an example of why you should consider owning and utilizing them.

While some people are skeptical about solar panel installations because they’re not on every single home yet, consider talking with someone from Ivy Lea Construction to be educated on the benefits they offer. Ivy Lea Construction does all sorts of home improvements in the Buffalo area, including solar panel installations on area roofs. Call 716-875-8654 to talk with an Ivy Lea Construction representative today about solar panels.