Seven Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Concrete

Importance Of Replacing ConcreteThe spring is, without a doubt, the best time to replace the concrete you have around the outside of your home. Whether you want to put in a new concrete driveway or create a concrete patio that you and your family can enjoy this summer, you should consider doing it soon, now that winter is over.

There are so many different reasons to consider replacing your concrete this spring. Let’s take a look at a few of those reasons:

Replacing concrete will make the outside of your home safer

Go outside and take a look at your concrete. Chances are, there are probably parts that are starting to crack, and those cracks are forming trip points that could prove to be problematic later. Any time concrete cracks, it could potentially cause accidents and injuries to occur. You want to, at the very least, have concrete repaired if you can. But in general, repairs will only last for so long, so having concrete replaced altogether always your safest bet.

Replacing concrete will stop it from cracking any further than it already has

Once concrete starts to crack even a little bit, it can be almost impossible to get it to stop cracking further. Water will make its way down into the concrete, and as the temperature rises and falls, that water will create all kinds of issues. In a worst-case scenario, water can work its way down into a crack in concrete, freeze later, and then expand and make the crack bigger. Bottom line: Your cracked concrete isn’t going to get any better anytime soon. So why not replace it and then care for your concrete to prevent further cracking from taking place in the future?

Driveway Concrete Replacing concrete will instantly improve your curb appeal

You might not think that people pay much attention to your home’s concrete when they are driving by. They’re only looking at your house and your landscaping, right? That’s correct to some degree, but old, dirty, cracked concrete can actually hurt your curb appeal. No matter how appealing your home and landscaping look, your concrete can drag them down if you let it. By replacing your concrete, you can improve your curb appeal substantially and make people do a double take when they drive by.

Replacing concrete will increase the value of your home

In addition to improving the look of your home, new concrete can also raise the overall value of your property. While it will obviously take a bit of an investment on your part, that investment will pay off. It will showcase your commitment to keeping your property safe and let others know you take pride in the way your home looks. If and when you ever sell your home, people will appreciate your concrete, and it will serve as a definite selling feature. People will be blown away by how great it looks from the time they start walking up to your home.

Replacing concrete will encourage you to complete other outdoor projects

After you have replaced the concrete in your home, you will be surprised by all of the other things you’ll want to do to enhance the look of the exterior of your house further. You might want to plant some flowers or bushes along your concrete to accent it. You might also want to install landscaping lighting along the sides of your concrete so visitors can find their way in the dark. But it all starts with laying down a solid foundation, which is your new concrete. From there, the possibilities for improvement outside of your home will be endless.

Concrete Patios Replacing concrete will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space again

Do you miss the days when you used to spend all day—and sometimes, even all night—outside enjoying your outdoor space? You can bring it back by creating a new outdoor patio made out of concrete. It will get plenty of use once you have it installed, and as long as you clean and maintain it properly, it will last for years to come. You and your family will love sitting around on your concrete patio and walking on your various concrete surfaces.

Replacing concrete won’t cost as much as you might think

There are some homeowners who are scared off by the cost of replacing concrete. Won’t it cost a fortune? The truth is that it’s actually way more affordable than most people think. It’s actually one of the most cost-effective home improvements you can make outside of your home.

If you think you could benefit from replacing the concrete outside your home, Ivy Lea Construction would love to hear from you. Call us at 716-875-8654 today to hear about our concrete services and to arrange to have your concrete replaced right away. We would love to tackle your concrete renovation job this spring!