Home Improvement Projects That Will Lower Your Energy Bill

When all know that dreaded feeling when it’s time to pay our bills. They can be especially painful during the summer and winter months when it requires more energy to heat and cool our homes. While nothing is going to make those bills disappear entirely, there are ways to lower them to a manageable level. By investing in the right home improvement projects now, you could be saving yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars later on.

Add extra insulationHome Improvement Projects That Will Lower Your Energy Bill

One of the two biggest causes of energy waste is inadequate insulation. Heat naturally flows from warmer areas to cooler areas. This means that in the winter, warm air will flow to unheated areas such as the attic or garage; in the summer, warm air will flow from the outdoors inward. By not having the proper amount of insulation in your attic and throughout your home, then, it can be harder to keep that warm or cool air inside your home, thus causing your furnace or air conditioning to work overtime. Not sure if your home has the proper amount of insulation? Then check out the Department of Energy’s insulation factsheet.

Install new windows and doors

The second biggest cause of energy waste is air leakage. This is largely the result of old windows and doors that aren’t properly sealed. While sometimes resealing your windows and doors can do the trick, this is often not the case. Newer window models are designed specifically to prevent air leakage, and wooden frames tend to perform better than vinyl or aluminum models.

Invest in a cool roof

Your roof is the main place where the sun will hit your house, and on hot, sunny days, this is one of the major ways your home will heat up. While a cool roof does not cool your home, in can keep it cool. Made with highly reflective paint, tiles, and/or shingles, a cool roof can keep a home 50 degrees cooler than a home with a normal roof. This will reduce your energy bills by limiting your air conditioning use.

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