4 Ways to Use Your Garage

Many people doubt the benefits of having a garage constructed on their property. After all, can’t we just park our cars on the street or driveway? However, there are countless possibilities that open up with new garages.  Let’s take a look at some of the more advantageous aspects of owning a garage.

Protection from the elements4 Ways To Use Your Garage

One often under-appreciated reward of a garage is the longevity it can add to cars, bikes, lawn equipment, and other objects placed inside. The garage is free from blasts of snow and ice that can be rough on mechanical parts and sensitive materials.  It also provides shelter from the paint-fading sun throughout the year. The value preserved will certainly pay off in the end.

Simple storage

Sometimes, just having more space to put things can make a garage worth it alone. Embrace your inner pack rat and stack stuffed-full cardboard boxes to your heart’s desire. New garages are more secure than ever, built to protect treasured collections and oversized investments.

Its a separate place for parties and projects

For many people, the best part about the garage is that it’s separated from the rest of the house. If the kids need a place to play or Dad wants to bang away on a woodworking project, the rest of the family won’t be bothered. Now you can buy that drum set you’ve always wanted, or you can create a “man cave” to escape to.

Put it where you please

Having a new garage constructed allows you to locate it anywhere on the property. You can tuck it out of sight behind the house or angle it a certain way for easy entry and exit. We can also customize size and shape based on the fleet of cars you plan on accommodating.

If you’re looking to construct a new garage for your home, contact Ivy Lea Construction today to see how we can help!