Tips for Maintaining Your Deck Year-Round

When the first warm day of spring arrives, most people recommend that you go out and clean your deck. While this is certainly good advice, just cleaning your deck every spring isn’t enough to keep it well-maintained. In reality, you should be taking care of it year-round if you want your brand-new deck to last.

Clean your deck once a yearTips for Maintaining Your Deck Year-Round

Like we said, cleaning your deck each spring is good advice. While you certainly could clean it during the summer, spring is probably best so it can be ready when you start inviting people over for the first warm days of the year. When you wash your deck, though, wash it good. Apply a deck-cleaning solution with a roller or spray, then go over it with a power or pressure washer (just be careful not to damage the wood).

Seal it each year

Applying a sealer once to your deck isn’t good enough. You should be reapplying it annually in order to keep your deck well-protected against the elements. You can also use this time as an opportunity to reapply stain finishes in spots that need it.

Shovel the snow off in winter

Snow won’t damage the wood per se, but too much snow on a deck can cause it to collapse. Granted, most people recommend shoveling only once it hits 3 feet, but this is Buffalo. 3 feet of snow can be dumped on us over night, and once it falls, it often stays there. So keep that shovel handy and clear off your deck when the next storm arrives.

Inspect and repair damaged areas in the summer

You should always keep an eye out for damaged areas and fix them as soon as possible, but summer is a good time to give your deck a more thorough look-over. Check areas for signs of rot, look for cracks, and inspect the underside to make sure it’s still well-supported. Once you find the trouble-spots, either fix them yourself, or hire a contractor to fix it for you.

At Ivy Lea Construction, we can repair those trouble-spots, or rebuild your deck entirely if you find there’s too much wrong with it. Give us a call at 716-875-8654 today to learn more.